My Own Picece of Alt-History: The Survival of Gran Colombia

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My Own Picece of Alt-History: The Survival of Gran Colombia Empty My Own Picece of Alt-History: The Survival of Gran Colombia

Post by Zapperr459 on Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:47 pm

Keep in mind i'm a) assuming the stars and plantets aligned for all events to happen and b) there will be bias, or atleast noticable patriotism from my part.
So, I'm from a country named Colombia, who some know as a pearl in South America and the Caribbean, producer of coffe and emeralds while others see it as a backwards third world nation filled with druglords and "guerrilleros". Both this groups are right, Colombia is not a great power, nor is it widely known, but (IMO) it is slowly rising to be a regional power, with the nearing end in the war, and the (sad) downwards spiral our neighbour is taking... But what if that didn't happen? What if Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and parts of Peru, Brazil, Guyana and Costa Rica never separated? What if The Gran Colombia survived the 1800's and beyond?

So, backsotry: The Viceroyalty of Nueva Granada began fighting for independence in 1810, yet only gained it in 1819, and under Simon Bolivar's leadership we attempted to remain unified, but after his death everytihng came crashing down, with the separation ending in 1831. Since then all 34 countries have suffered external border changes, and internal issues, such as the rise of cartels (like Pablo Escobar's Cartel de Medellin) or unstable/corrupt governments (such as the current Venezuelan government under Maduro[sorry y´all]) and the Noriega Regime in Panama. This can all be traced back tho the days of independence, as first Spain's exit, followed by revolts, and finnaly the state's dissolution all threw the region into chaos. But what if... None of it happened?

For now, we assume that after the death of Bolivar (December 1830) the nations solve their differences to conserve Bolivar's dream alive. After years of infighting from the federalist/liberal rebels the Nation is finally in peace, meaning it could develop peacefully. Entering the 20th Century, Gran Colombia is a regional power, rivaling Brazil and Mexico in Latin America. It's relation with the USA is weakened when The US takes control of the Panama canal, but a deal is made, in which it will be returned in 99 years (as it happened in our reality). IT remains peaceful during WWI, indirectly supporting the Entente. With the turmoil left in Europe after the war,the USA enters it's golden period, and strengthening its diplomatic ties with America, drags us with them, allowing for a period of prosperity and growth. Yet in 1929 it comes crashing down. Old bi-partisan rivalries spark up, using the  other as a scapegoat for the economic turmoil, leading the nation to a civil war. in 1932 Peru, seeking to control disputed land in the Amazonas department, attacks the divided Colombia. This again unites them, putting and end to the civil war, and leading to a revitalixation of the economy from military production. The war goes to Colombia's favour quicly, and in 1934 the second Salomon-Lozano treaty is signed. Giving bordering lands to Colombia. in 1939 WWII erupts, and at first Colombia seeks to remain neutral, but seeing the potencial danger of Germany, Italy and Japan, Colombia begins a campaign of Allied support. Volunteers are sent to aid in the few fronts remaining, and when Germany breaks the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, Colombia is quick to denounce the Reich, and declares war. The Colombian navy is sent to the British Iles, and the army is transported into Africa, alongside arrivong US troops in 1942. The extra aid of a regional power in the Allied lines accelerates the fall of Sicily, followed by southern Italy. With more men to spare, the D-Day landings take place in early 1944, and by July, France is liberated. The italian puppet falls form the succesful leadership of Gustavo Rojas Pinilla, and Mussolini is captured. In Septemer 11th, 1944, Adolf Hitler is assasinated, and the new government asks for an armistice. Due to its participatino in the war, Colombia is put ahead of France in establishing the UN, and its Security Council. Colombian forces are sent to aid in the Chinese civil war, and to the Soviet Union's dismay, help the Old regime stay in power. As time passes Colombia mantains a strong lead in the world stage, only behind the US, USSR and nearly equal to China and the UK. with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the cold war ends, and the US still becomes the superpower it is today, but its position in The Americas is rivaled by Colombia. with regaining the Panama Canal, the economy grows even further. Now its the 12th largest economy, and 10th most populated nation in the globe. Mexico and Brazil see them as a threat, but Colombia's interventionism is over. With a booming Coffee and Oil industries, the near future is ensured to be stable.

Hope you enjoyes this little Aternate version of my nation! What do you think would have happened if Gran Colombia never split? Write your own!
Im sorry if there's any spelling mistakes, or other bloopers, I typed as I thought of it, so its very disorganized, plus my computer doesen't recognize english, so everytihng appars in red.
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