1962: The Third War

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1962: The Third War Empty 1962: The Third War

Post by Sir_Drex on Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:07 am

Basically this is my own exercise of alternate history, in which a conventional war happens between NATO and Warsaw Pact due to the U-2 incident in 1962. As some of you may know, on October 14th, an American spy plane spotted possible Soviet missile launchers on Cuban soil and sent the photos to the CIA. The pilot informs that he witnessed nuclear missiles, a fact that the CIA confirmed the next day.

By that point, Kennedy had very few options, basically:
*Do nothing, American vulnerability to Soviet missiles is not a new thing (They have Chukotka, it's pretty close to the US anyways).
*Put diplomatic pressure on the Soviets to force them retreating their missiles from Cuba.
*Send an ultimatum to Cuba: wether cut all ties with the USSR or be invaded.
*Invade Cuba without an ultimatum.
*Blockade Cuba to stop new Soviet supplies from coming.

However, in this timeline, contacts between the United States and the Soviet Union are cut after some minutes, leaving both countries expectant on what the other would do. The Soviets reached to say The purpose of the missiles is to defend Cuba from American imp-.

By October 19th, Kennedy ordered the USAF to be put in a state of maximum alert in the South of the country and to move planes from the North to the South. Two days later, the United States Navy blockades Cuba, forcing several Soviet submarines with material for nuclear weapons to show themselves.

However, on 27th, an American U-2 spy plane is shot down oover Cuba. With higher pressure coming from the Soviets, which have remain "quiet" since the beginning of the crisis, the American Minister of Defense, Robert McNamara manages to flatter Kennedy and he orders to activate Operation Northwoods not without a previous bombardment.

Operation Northwoods was an American plan to get a Casus Belli on Cuba. Drawn in March 1962, the plan expected to simulate a Cuban attack on the Guantánamo base, aswell as blowing a destroyed near Cuban soil and accusate Cuba of doing it. If it was not enough, the Americans were up to destroy some of their own planes over Cuba to add extra pressure. All of this intended to justify an invasion of Cuba without Soviet intervention.

Now, the plan was to begin and a war will soon erupt on the whole world...

I plan to do this in a series of posts, you're all free to comment inaccuracies or whatever you want.

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