What if: Bhagat Singh and/or his followers win

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What if: Bhagat Singh and/or his followers win Empty What if: Bhagat Singh and/or his followers win

Post by ScarletHistorian on Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:49 am

Consider the following:
It's the 1920s and Bhagat Singh has recently been arrested by British forces in an attempt to stop his movement for a Independent People's Republic of Hindustan. In a brave turn of events, his high ranking comrades rally his supporters, and after staging a prison break and overpowering local police stations, they incite a rebellion. The Brits obviously panic and send in the troops...

But as they're getting the garrisons mobilized, a telegram comes in from the USSR; The Hindustanis called for help. The soviets demand that the British withdraw or they would join in as soon as they're ready.

Either through sheer luck or a brutal campaign, The People's republic of Hindustan achieves independence, uniting Muslims and Hindus in this majestic subcontinent.

What do you think would happen next? Would the rebellion even work at all? Criticize or Reply, feel free to leave your thoughts!

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