A look on the text of The Republic by Plato

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Set a date to discuss THE REPUBLIC or follow my whims.

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A look on the text of The Republic by Plato

Post by Narial on Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:47 am

Greetings people of these parts, fellow cyber-hermit coming up to the town for a good talk.

Today I am going to read and listen (we need word for that) The Republic, After I am familiar with the work I would love a hardy discussion. Specially on the topic of the philosopher king since that tidbit is what peaked my interest in this work of Plato.

At the moment I am listening to a four hour audio rendition of the text and holding it accountable with a public pdf. Since the audio is a rendition it take some liberty to shorten or add what would be in the pdf, you will have to employ some metal gymnastics when the two sources separate, but so far at 8:02 minutes both sources have hit the same points with sometimes different sentences but have ended on similar conclusion, in some cases this has brought up some interesting mind candy for me to chew on.

If one wishes to join me in rereading or (heck lets call reading/listening uditor since auditor is to listen an orator is to speak lets slap a u in front and call it a day) uditoring The Republic to learn or refresh your mind on the material. Of course most people don't have four hours to throw around so I will throw up a 2 day poll to see if there are people that wish instead to set a date to discuss the text instead of the alternative of people working on my time and discuss it after I am done uditoring the text.

Also I'll reply to this post once i'm done looking over The Republic, don't expect it too only take me four hours cause I have things other then uditoring a persons thoughts from the clasical period.

I am reading/listening to The Republic for the first time, made up a new word uditor it means the act of reading/listening, I am unditoring The Republic, and poll uptop to set the pace of discussion.

Here are the links to the sources.

Audio Book

pg 177 is where the book actually starts, the rest is just a wall of text with no tldr.

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