Axis Powers Win World War2(Story+Map that i made)

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Axis Powers Win World War2(Story+Map that i made) Empty Axis Powers Win World War2(Story+Map that i made)

Post by Vozhd Alexander Kolchak on Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:14 am

Axis Powers Win World War2(Story+Map that i made) Altern10

Background:in this scenario USA never joins the war and the german operations are all successful.

1941 Eastern Front:The Germans invade the Soviet Union capturing vast territory from the Russians very quick and in 2nd October 1941 the Germans enter the Russian capital moscow after 2 months of fighting moscow falls to the Germans the Germans now move 500k soldiers to the north to finally end the siege of leningrad after 2 weeks leningrad falls and now finland can advance in the karelian peninsula and capture Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.

1941 North Africa:Italians troops managed to held the british at benghazi rommel finally arrives in africa meanwhile spain joins the axis and captures the important port of gibraltar trapping part of the british navy in the mediterranean and send troops to help the italians the axis starts to advance in north africa and in a single offensive rommel pushes the british army all the way to to egypt and the siege of tobruk begins meanwhile malta falls to the italians and now they can use malta as an air base and to send more supplies to the army the siege of tobruk ends after 2 weeks now the united axis army plans the last offensive in north africa to push the british all the way to the suez canal
after month of planning the germans launch the attack in a single day the axis captures Al-Almain italian and spanish armies begin to siege alexandria while german army advances towards cairo and the suez canal after 4 weeks all of egypt falls under axis control the german high command forms the Asien-Korps rommel moves to the middle east.

The Political Crisis In britian:Losing the suez canal was a huge blow for the british economy and their war effort many brits starting to think that the war with germany is hopeless mass starvation and unemployment is rising in britian the Blueshirts in ireland take this as an opprtunity to launch a coup in ireland and liberate northern ireland the coup was successful and the irish army marches into northern ireland churchill was assassinated a week later and the British Union Of Fascists took control of britian signing peace and alliance with germany.

1942:After successful plan to capture moscow and leningrad before the winter the german army plans a new operation called ''Operation Blau'' to capture the caucasus and the rich oil fields after almost a 5 months of planning the germans launch an attack advancing towards stalingrad and from the south turkish armies and chechnyan rebels march towards baku cutting off alot of soviet divisions after 2 months of fighting the entire caucasus and stalingrad is under german control a coup occurs in the NKVD overthrowing the stalinist regime(stalin's location is unknown nobody saw him again) now the leaderless soviet armies surrender the japanese make the russian far east a colony the germans make ukraine,parts of western russia,the baltics states and the caucasus all colonies finland annexes all of karelia and a national socialist regime is installed in russia. WW2 officialy ended.

1943:Rebuilding europe, china falls to japan after the battle of chongqing.

1944:coloniaztion of the german colonies begins most of the slavic population move from the cities to the countryside(except in the russian regime) to work in farms and agriculture all of ukraine is used for farming the life condition of the ukrainians and other slavic population is pretty good but they have no access to advanced education, medical treatment. food production is exploding german population is booming the average german familiy has 6-7 children
1945:many germans move to the baltic states, the baltic population being assimilated(estonians are moving to finland latvians and lithuanians are being assimilated)
the first jet fighter in the world was developed the Me 262 and the Heisenberg device was completed creating the first atom bomb.
Mass deportation of jews to madagascar begins the idea is to create an autonomous jewish state in madagascar.
1946:mussolini dies from unknown causes he's remembered as the greatest leader for the italians anti-fascists take control of italy germany invades italy,italy couldnt stand a month against the advanced german army that used tanks like the E-50,jet fighters and advanced artillery and rifles. south tyrol and venetia are annexed into the greater germanic reich while the rest beacomes a very autonomous german puppet.
1948:A german scientist Klaus Gosser invents a revolutinary building block called Uber Concrete the UC can withstand bombing and is very very cheap to make the german starts to mass produce it with UC the germans rebuild all of europe in 2 months a now a huge plan is being executed building the great city of germania a new capital for the greater german reich

1950:the city of germania was built the biggest and the most advanced city in the world, huge advancements in flight technology the germans finally developed the Horten-229 a jet bomber that dosent even look manmade the Germania Airlines company is opened for customers.
1951:occupation of france ends germany establishes the State of burgundy from what was the netherlands, belgium and parts of france and the SS State of Brittany and a friendly regime in france, france instantly signs an alliance with Germany.
1953:Agriculture in the colonies became automated and germany dosent need so much workforce anymore the deportation of the ukrainians to russia begins and the construction of new german cities begins and the slavs grant alot of autonomy and now have access to alot more things and the remaining poles are being transported to russia.
1954:German scientists starts to think about a solution to all the problems in the world one of the biggest ideas is called Atlantropa which suggests that europe needs to unite the workforce to build a huge dam in all of the gibraltar strait closing it completly which will generate infinite amounts of energy to power the entire world forever plus it would create more land for coloniaztion in the mediterranean and the water from the mediterranean will be transpoted to the saharan desert in africa creating artifical lakes the project will take at least 12 years to complete. russian,german,americans and japanese scientists developed a united space program and already launched 10 satellites and preparing to send men to the moon and even constructing a moon base.
1956:6 men(italian,german,american,russian,japanese and french) landed on the moon and were on the moon for 36 hours establishing a scientific base platform for future operations.
1960:the slavs gains their complete independence the italians too japan beacomes very modernized and self sufficient chinese starting to trust the japanese.
1961:american embassy is established in germania and german embassy is esablished in Washington D.C John F. Kennedy visits the great city of germania alot of american diplomats and heads of the american government comes with him to meet hitler and the Nazi party to discuss about the future. the relations between the US and germany greatly improves.
1962:following the construction of the Dam in the gibraltar starit the eco-system in north africa collapses which causes disease and mass starvation in north africa killing the entire population of north africa. new land masses apper in the mediterranean german and italian scouts begin to explore the new land
1963:transportation of water from the mediterranean to the african desert begins with it the plantation of at least 80 million trees in the sahara desert.
1964:more land masses appears the dam is almost fully constructed many lakes were created in the sahara the tempratures of the sahara desert greatly decrease most of what is today Chad became a enormous lake that will be used as a shipping hub and for agriculture farming potentially can feed the entire african continent.
Hitler dies in late 1964 he's remembered as the greatest leader in human history, Heinrich himmler is elected as the new furher of germany
1966:the construction of the dam was finished and now coloniaztion of north africa and the new lands begins the great migration of animals from southern africa to northern africa begins due to the huge decrease of tempraturs in the sahara desert, the sahara is not a desert anymore but a huge grassland used for farming and building many new cities the Dam starting to produce energy to the entire world and the world abandons the fossil fuels.
1970:moon base was constructed by german and american engineers and now the transportation of german and american scientists to the moon begins.

I wrote this story long ago you can countinue it if you want to just wanted to share it here thought it would be intersting.

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Axis Powers Win World War2(Story+Map that i made) Empty Re: Axis Powers Win World War2(Story+Map that i made)

Post by 321gman on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:09 pm

Tis a very good and interesting idea on an alternate history. A job well done.

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