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Tech Support Is Here (Just Kidding) Empty Tech Support Is Here (Just Kidding)

Post by Mr. Self Destruct on Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:24 pm

But for real, I'm typically known to those in my close circles as the tech support. A computer-wizz, businessman and historian at heart, with many hobbies, I cover almost every interest and can talk about almost anything. I have no problems making friends and first-impressions, I would consider myself a social butterfly. On top of all these interests, I'm also on good grounds for a nice political debate, but I don't debate those who get hot-headed over their stanceā€”I have the same ruling over any debate. Listing all my hobbies would take too long, but you'll find them all out given a few years Razz I'm also game for a nice few jokes.

My favorite time periods in history are, well, anything from the beginning of SPQR to now. Any history before then, not so familiar. I have good basic understanding of almost all world history during that time, but I have most of my understanding and learning in European history. I want to learn more from all walks and talks of history, however.

Well, it feels like I just wrote a dating profile for but I think it's good enough. Y'all will probably see me lurking at first to get a good grasp of the culture of this forum before I start diving into all the threads all at once! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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