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Tips for using quotes Empty Tips for using quotes

Post by Arden_Foxx on Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:58 pm

Quoting on this forum is fairly simple.  

You can quote by adding [quote=Poster's Username Here] to the start of something you want to quote, and [/quote] to the end of the line(s) you want to quote. Think of these as brackets or parentheses. This can be done multiple times in one post to have multiple quotes in one post.

When quoting someone, you can remove bits you don't need simply by going inside your "brackets" and deleting the bits you don't need. HOWEVER, if you do this with malicious intent, you will be breaking this forum's rules.
I am not a moderator of this forum, i just thought i would post this to help others use this forum more efficiently.

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