What if: the Haitian Revolution was crushed

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What if: the Haitian Revolution was crushed Empty What if: the Haitian Revolution was crushed

Post by Cold War Communist on Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:28 am

The Haitian Revolution began when the French slaves in the colony of Haiti were given independence, only to have it revoked years later. The Haitian slaves won the subsequent conflict between the French, Spanish, British, and themselves, but what if the outcome were different?

What if the slave rebellion failed, and the British, French, or Spanish were able to win a decisive victory in Haiti? The value of the tiny nation could not be overstated, and the success of the revolution led to an international boycott of Haitian sugar, the one commodity that made the island the richest on Earth at the time. So how does the failure of this colony to remain independent alter the course of history?
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