The Second Mexican-American War, 1916

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The Second Mexican-American War, 1916

Post by DuceMoosolini on Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:05 am

I've been tossing this alt-hist scenario around in my head for a while now...

In October 1915, the United States recognized President  Venustiano Carranza as the leader of Mexico following the Mexican Revolution against Porfirio Diaz. Pancho Villa, a Mexican leftist who opposed the Carranza government, retaliated by launching raids across the US border. This culminated in a bloody attack against Columbus, New Mexico which killed 18 people. This proved to be the breaking point for Woodrow Wilson, so this happened:

Wilson sent a military expedition into Mexico with the intent of hunting and killing Villa. While they never captured him, the Americans were successful in multiple battles against his revolutionaries, killing many and greatly weakening his forces. Initially, Carranza felt it best to ignore the American invasion, but the expedition kept pressing southwards. Feeling threatened, Carranza sent his troops to halt the Americans, resulting in several deadly skirmishes.

Luckily, Mexico and America managed to avoid war.

But what if they didn't?

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Re: The Second Mexican-American War, 1916

Post by Mr Trolldemort on Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:22 pm

Probably a similar outcome to the first Mexican-American war

There was no way Mexico could face the USA one on one, and Mexico was even weaker in 1916 than in 1846. They could have gotten help from Germany (Zimmerman telegram almost caused a war around this time as well)

Either way, I think this would just lead to an extension of World War 1 with a North American Front, however the outcomes would hardly change and America would become even stronger and probably ask for reparations and installing a pro-US government in Mexico after.
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