1066: Harald Hardada's invasion of England is delayed 4 weeks

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1066: Harald Hardada's invasion of England is delayed 4 weeks

Post by Thorfinn Karlsefni on Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:15 pm

What if something had gone wrong with Harald Hardada's invasion plans, such as him taking seriously ill while in the Orkney's or Shetlands. How would history have been different if Harald Hardrada had waited until after the Battle of Hastings to invade England?

Historians often speculate that the Stamford Bridge campaign so taxed English resources that Herald Godwinsson met William of Normandy at Hastings 3 weeks later with a much weaker force than England would normally have been able to field. Theoretically, if the order of the invasions had been reversed, Hardrada might well have conquered England instead of William of Normandy.

The real question is, what difference would it have made? All these people groups were so closely related that it is difficult to imagine a significant cultural, or even balance-of-power change to Medieval History no matter how the events of 1066 played out. I'd love to hear some ideas on the possible consequences of Harald Hardrada capturing England in 1066.
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