Cisplatine War (1825-1828)

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Cisplatine War (1825-1828) Empty Cisplatine War (1825-1828)

Post by Dittatore_Signore_Massimo on Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:34 pm

A war fought by The United Provinces Of Rio De La Plata (basically Argentina) against The Empire of Brazil for the control of Uruguay. Th war ended in urugayan independence, abdication of Emperor Pedro I and a coup in Argentina.
Main battles: Battle of Sarandí, Battle of Ituzaingó, Battle of Juncal and Battle of Monte Santiago.

Cisplatine War (1825-1828) Guerra10

Cisplatine War (1825-1828) Guille11

Cisplatine War (1825-1828) Ituzai10

Cisplatine War (1825-1828) Pedro_11

What is your favorite side in the war? Why?  Razz

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