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Post by EmperorTigerstar on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:24 pm

Rules and Guidelines:

This forum is a place to discuss historical events, alternate-history, and (civilly) politics.

Please review the following Rules and Guidelines which were designed to help ensure a good experience for everyone. By being a member, you agree to these Rules and Guidelines as amended from time to time.

The Golden Rule
Always be respectful of Terra Historia and other users, the moderators, and administrators. We put this forum online in good faith, please use it in good faith.

How To Post
Please post your messages in the appropriate place, whether in reply to an existing discussion (or "topic") or starting a new topic. Before starting a new topic, first check that no active topic exists concerning the same subject. Give your topics a descriptive title, write a coherent message, and format it so that it is easy for others to read. Messages should be written in the English language or include an English language translation. Please do not post the same message in multiple places. Any message or topic concerning religion must be posted within the politics and social issues forum.

Post Quality
We expect users to exercise their best judgment whenever posting. Please consider whether each post will offer value to users. You may not post any material which is defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or is in violation of any law, these Rules and Guidelines. Profanity is limited in posted messages and a few expletives are automatically removed by the forum software. You may not use your account for recruitment to any cause whatsoever, fundraising for charity or otherwise, advertising, or any other call to action.

Editing Posts
We reserve the right to move or delete any posted message or other content, however, we will make our best effort to protect your privacy and respect the integrity of your posts.

When quoting another member, do not edit their text, be it to 'make a point', to be sarcastic, or to be humorous.

Intellectual Property
We respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask you to do the same. Please keep any quotes of third party content as short as possible and provide proper attribution to the source. Especially in the Debate Central area.

About Moderators
Moderators are users who contribute their time to keep this forum a safe and friendly place that is conducive to discussion. They help users with the website and enforce these Rules and Guidelines. Please cooperate with them. Moderators and administrators may send private messages to users who have run afoul of the Rules and Guidelines. If you have received such a message, please read it, take the steps indicated if any, and move on. Comments posted by moderators (and all other users) do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this forum or its administration. Feedback about moderator or administrator actions are welcome and should be sent via the contact form or the private message system.

We prefer not to block any user's access to the Site but we can and will do so if necessary. If we believe, in our sole discretion, that your conduct or the user content you provide violates or is inconsistent with these Rules and Guidelines, or the law, then we may terminate your access to the forum or exercise any other remedy available.

You may not establish or use more than one account. Your account is for your personal use only and may not be used on behalf of any other person. Please do not share your password with anyone.

Let's All Get Along
The Terra Historia community consists of many people with vastly differing beliefs. Please try to be tolerant of the beliefs of other people and remember "The Golden Rule" above. And finally... welcome to the forums! Very Happy


Debate Central Rules

For the debate central area, we are much less lenient. We want civil discussion, not random shitposting and flaming.
1. Be prepared to source your statement. You should do it with each major assertion you make in a debate. The source should be a reasonable one, but really if it's not then it only hurts your argument. This is where fact reigns, not opinion.

2. Content, not the person - Don't flame, insult, or demonize any person. Don't dismiss their argument based on their ideology or who they are but rather what their argument is.

3. Act serious. This area is not the place to troll.

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