Wonder Woman is an AH where WWII never happens.

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Wonder Woman is an AH where WWII never happens. Empty Wonder Woman is an AH where WWII never happens.

Post by DuceMoosolini on Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:35 pm

After giving the movie a rewatch, I noticed a few things. Clearly, the recent Wonder Woman movie is historical fiction, making no attempt to tell a story which actually happened. However, it does include several historical characters, like its main villain Erich Ludendorff. This wouldn't be a major detail except multiple historical figures are killed. All of this happens in a way which leads me to the conclusion: either WWII just never happened in the DC universe, or else it was drastically different. Which makes Wonder Woman . . . an alternate history movie.

1). Ludendorff kills Paul von Hindenburg. During the scene where Ludendorff gasses the German High Command, the man sitting at the head of the table has facial hair highly resembling Hindenburg's, who happened to be Chief of the General Staff at the time. Apparently, the script and novelization confirms it's him. So the President of Wiemar Germany who appointed Hitler as Chancellor and signed off on the Reichstag Fire Decree and the Enabling Act dies in 1918. This has all kinds of interesting implications.

2). Wonder Woman kills Ludendorff. This is also a pretty big one, because Ludendorff became a famous nationalist leader, especially notable for popularizing the "stabbed-in-the-back" myth, claiming that Jews and leftists caused Germany to lose the war and suffer a disastrous peace settlement. This line of reasoning was quite a boon to various far-right groups in Germany, including a little man with a weird mustache. The "Jews" aspect went a long way towards their widespread persecution and eventual genocide. The death of this particular proto-Nazi probably did a fair amount of damage to the fascist cause.

3). The German Revolution never happens? Several characters in the British government mention the ongoing negotiation for the 11/11 Armistice, and the Armistice itself occurs very shortly after the events of the film. The film also explicitly states the Kaiser is still in power. This is interesting, because, while an armistice was mentioned over the previous months, the actual negotiations were a hasty affair conducted after the Kaiser's regime fell. If the Kaiser is still in power at this time, this means the German Revolution either didn't happen, or was small enough to be crushed. Why is this important? Because the German Revolution and the leftist violence following it led to a widespread hate and fear of communism, which would eventually be exploited by Hitler in his rise to power. This cultural factor would also be part of the reasoning behind invading the USSR.

4). Ares did Versailles. In the film, the god of war, Ares, is actually disguised as a member of the British government who is leading the effort to negotiate the Armistice. It's heavily implied, if not outright stated, that his plan is to manipulated the Entente into enforcing a peace on Germany so harsh it would cause another war. Which means, in this universe, the Treaty of Versailles was as harsh as it was because of Ares. And if Wonder Woman killed Ares before he complete this plan, does the Treaty end up being lighter, perhaps including Wilson's recommendations?

5). What WWII? At the end of the film, it's notable that Wonder Woman never mentions WWII in her monologue. Considering its importance both as a historical event and the themes of the film, you'd think it would've gotten at least an offhand reference. Not to mention, she's giving this monologue in Paris.

Given all of this, Wonder Woman seems to be the beginning of an alternate timeline where WWII either didn't happen, or was drastically different and far less severe than it was for our universe.

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