Not so well known facts about India: Contribution thread

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Not so well known facts about India: Contribution thread

Post by Nishanth128 on Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:28 pm

Just wanted to know how much there is to this country that most people wouldn't know, Indians included. Want to see people add on to it as time goes on.

I'll start with the religious side

Islam did not come to India through conquest, or through Turks/Persians. The first mosque in India was actually said to have been built during Muhammad's life time, probably a year before he died. Story is, a King of modern day Kerala heard of the prophet and sailed to Mecca. After meeting Muhammad, he promised that his followers would have a place in his kingdom. It is unsure what the name of the King was or whether the King himself converted to Islam. The mosque however does date back to that time period.

This is probably kinda known but, Christianity came here the same way. Reason I put this here is because I meet a lot of people who didn't know this. The apostle Thomas brought Christianity to India. Well, it wasn't Christianity then but still. The teachings of Christ. He died in modern day Chennai.

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